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In collaboration with Sankofa TV and other channels GAM years we have been producing television programs. These programs are made with few resources. The expertise within the organization to organize, write and assemble the film in recent years greatly increased.

The programs always reflect the problems in society. This play health, labor, education, upbringing and education on integration an important role. English is spoken in the films, since the audience we want to reach the Dutch language sufficiently powerful. In 2008, GAM produce episodes focusing on the following topics.

The Dutch language: Many highly educated Africans are working in jobs beneath their skills. This was largely due to insufficient knowledge of the Dutch language. Through this episode to GAM members of the African community to encourage (further) study the Dutch language. GAM Foundation as this would stimulate people to their full capacity to run them into the Dutch society.  

Integration: In this episode Africans are encouraged to actively contribute to the integration into Dutch culture. Many Africans believe that they accept only temporarily in the Netherlands. This prevents them to integrate them, which often poses an impossible split. Africans in this episode are encouraged to resolve this split and to accept their situation.  



Investing in children: In this episode, parents are informed about education, will particularly stress the importance of education. Children must be encouraged by their parents to learn. Parents must be actively involved in the education of their children.

Alcoholism: In recent years GAM sees a problem in the community. Many Africans are several reasons not satisfied with their lives in the Netherlands. The disappearance of the social structure of these problems in a natural manner.

This leads to more and more alcoholism within the community. GAM would like to point out this episode that people should share their problems with each other.

The members of the African community must again learn to talk about their lives and their problems. 


Teenage pregnancy: A receipt for and about teenagers and children. This episode has two goals. First, teenagers should be encouraged to be careful to jump to sexual relations. Second, mothers are encouraged not to put us sit. They need to continue their future work and complete their education.