Personality Profile - Veronica van der Kamp

She is a professional to the core. A lover of acting and probably having to interview her is so much fun as she acts on stage or on production as our Editor-in-Chief; Elvis Iruh discovered during this chat with her after a performance in Amsterdam.

Veronica van de Kamp is the Executive producer of stichting GAM, a drama production group which is very popular within the African community particularly in Amsterdam.

Veronica van de Kamp is married to A.A.C. van de Kamp. She is a mother of four. Three boys and a girl. A professional Stenographer Secretary, born in Ghana.

Acting was a hobby back home in Ghana when she started acting on Ghana television. She decided to take her acting carrier to a professional level when she came to Holland in the year 1992. This is when she decided to form the film and theatre group Stichting Ghana Aghoro mma (GAM). GAM is very grateful to you all.

Last but not the least to the members of GAM for their commitments to this group as they have all been wonderful. I pray that the Almighty God bless them all and provide for them in all their needs in the coming year and of course to my family, my husband and children who have sacrificed their most special quality time of being with them to go for rehearsals each week. I am very grateful to have such a family and an understanding group of people to work with.

Finally, to our numerous fans, it is your response that really encourages us to keep going with our productions in very difficult conditions many times. We are so happy that you appreciate our work in the community. God bless you all.